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We are OPEN for business during COVID-19


Services include: 


Skylight Repairs 

Skylight Replacements 

Skylight Leak Services 

Emergency Leak/Water Damage Repairs



Please note that Moore Skylights Inc. is open for business during COVID-19. All of our work can be done from outside our clients’ home (*not including sun tunnels and other minor jobs). We do not need access to your home! As long as clients are able to put down their own drop cloths below the skylight, we will not need access to your house. However, if you prefer us to put the drop cloths down, we will be wearing our masks and work gloves to keep both you and your family, as well as ourselves safe. Either way, we are happy to work with you.


Quotes can also be done 100% of the time outside with no need to come inside. All of our measurements and pictures will be taken from outside to keep in practice with social distancing. We will email all quotes/contracts to our clients and payment can be taken by email money transfers or credit cards. 


If you have any others safety measures to take during this time we will be happy to comply. 


Moore Skylights Inc.

Skylight Repair Oshawa / Whitby Skylights / Whitby Skylight Repair / Pickering Skylight Repair / Uxbridge Skylight Repair
VELUX Sun Tunnel Toronto Installation
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