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Health Benefits

Sunlight benefits the body with serotonin and a better quality of life. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that helps with mood behaviors. During the winter months and decreased exposure to sunlight, we most often experience a lack of Vitamin D. Generally we take Vitamin D in the form of pills/liquids to boost our levels. With a skylight you will have increased exposure to sunlight and will feel the positive effects that come alongside that: more energy, healthy immune system, lift your mood.

Venting Skylights

You can easily open a venting skylight and immediately have the stale/stagnant air released outside. This works much faster than opening a window as the hottest air is trapped in your skylight tunnel. By opening a window and your skylight simultaneously, this is a great way to exit the trapped air and circulate the incoming fresh air.

Light Up Your Home

We all know that windows let in a ton of sunlight. On average, a skylight will produce twice as much light as a wall window. Stop living in the dark and brighten up your life!

Energy Savings

Electrical consumption is a huge cost to our everyday routine. When a skylight is installed, the need for light bulbs are almost eliminated. Even on a cloudy day, a skylight will produce more light than a light bulb. When compared to a light bulb, a standard sun tunnel (much smaller than a skylight) will produce about 450+ watts

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