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VELUX 4X4 Fixed Curb Mount Replacement

1. Remove the existing skylight, surrounding flashings, shingles, and underlayment.

2. Install a new 2x6 curb and screw it into the existing roof rafters/trusses for durability.

3. Install a high grade ice and water membrane 1.5 - 2.0 feet all around the skylight. (Have the membrane go under the overlapped shingles.)

4. Install new aluminum flashings around the entire curb. At the same time, overlap the new flashings with new shingles.

5. Finish the interior of the curb with a new wood trim finish. (We generally finish the trim white to match the tunnel walls.)

6. Seal down the new skylight on the finished curb and clean up all garbage and debris.

(Replacement time is about 4-5 hours depending on the roof pitch and surrounding roof.

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