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Why you need Moore Skylights Inc. (Poor roof work and leaky skylights!)

Picture #1.

No membrane over the top pan and way too many ice dam will for sure get into the home!


Roofers screwed this skylight too tight and over the winter it cracked! Another reason why you should intall a Velux glass skylight vs. an Acrylic Dome skylight.

Picture #3.

Home Builder tried to save money on 1,000 plus homes and never installed an ice and water membrane on the curb.

Picture #4.

Roofers trying to save money and didn't install a high grade ice and water membrane! Check out the leaks...

MOORE SKYLIGHTS INC. WILL NERVER COMPROMISE ON THE MATERIAL OR THE LABOUR! This is why we can offer a 10 year FULL WARRANY on all of our skyight work! Call now for a free quote! (647) 618-0242

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