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1. Find the best placement for the skylight to be installed. 


2. Cut a hole in the ceiling and frame the tunnel with 2x6 lumber.


3. Remove the surrounding shingles on the roof and cut a hole in the roof to fit the new selected skylight size.


4. Install a 2x6 curb and install a high grade ice and water membrane 1.5 - 2.0 feet all around the curb.

5. Install new aluminum flashings around the entire curb. At the same time overlap the new flashings with new shingles.


6. Finish the interior of the skylight tunnel with Roxul insulation, vapour barrier, tuck tape, drywall, and corner bead. 


7. Seal down the new skylight on the finished curb and clean up all garbage and debris.


8. Depending on the desired interior finish, either Moore Skylights would finish the interior or we would recommend a professional drywaller to finish the interior.


(Installation time depends on the size of the skylight, tunnel height, and roof pitch. Standard time is 1 day for a cathedral ceiling tunnel and 3-4 days for an attic tunnel. Drywall and interior finishing should take 1 more day.

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