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1. Remove the existing skylight, surrounding shingles, flashings, and underlayment. 


2. Install a new curb as required and fasten it  to the roof.


3. Install a high grade ice and water membrane on the entire curb and surrounding roof area


4. Install a new bottom pan, side step flashings, and top pan around the curb. At the same time as installing the flashings new shingles will be installed.

5. Finish the interior of the curb white and seal all the gaps at the top of the tunnel with spray foam insulation or sealant depending on the gap size. 


6. Seal down the new skylight on the finished curb and clean up all garbage and debris.

Note: A skylight repair has the exact same process as above; however with a skylight repair the existing skylight will be used instead of a new skylight.

Skylight Repair time is about 2-4 hours.

Skylight Replacement

VELUX 4'x4' Skylight Replacement 

Skylight Replacement

VELUX 2'x4' - 3 units Curb Mount Skylight
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