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Installation Process

1. Determine the best placement for the sun tunnel. The installer will go into the attic and mark out where the tunnel will be installed.


2. Cut a hole in the ceiling as well as the roof where the tube will be installed. 


3. As per the manufacturers instructions, install the frame on the ceiling and the tunnel flashing on the roof. 


4. Seal the flashing of the tunnel to the roof with a high grade ice and water membrane and finish around it with new shingles. 


5. Install the tube from the roof to the ceiling. Seal every thing up in the attic space.

6. Always install spray foam insulation at the base of the tunnel from the inside of the attic. This will keep the tunnel from condensation and seal all air gaps.


7. Install the finished lense and ring that attaches to the ceiling/interior frame. Clean up all the garbage and debris.


(Install time is about 4-5 hours depending on the ceiling type and roof pitch.)

Sun Tunnel Installation

VELUX 14" Ridged Sun Tunnel 
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