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Toronto Skylight Repair and Replacement Specialist: Your Trusted Source for Skylight Services in Toronto, The difference between a curb mount skylight and a deck mount skylight

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Curb Mount Skylight vs. Deck Mount Skylights
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A curb mounted skylight is precisely as its name suggests. It features a structural lumber frame that rises 5 inches above the roof surface, forming a robust curb. This wooden frame, known as the curb, is meticulously sealed to the roof using fasteners, a high-grade ice and water membrane, new surrounding shingles, and a VELUX flashing kit. Once the curb is sealed and watertight, the VELUX skylight is positioned on top of the curb. Subsequently, the skylight and the curb are securely fastened together to create a complete watertight seal. The "curb" option is widely regarded as one of the best and most commonly used options for skylight replacement. Curb mount skylights can be tailored to custom sizes and are suitable for almost all home situations. Additionally, they feature larger condensation gaskets, making them particularly effective in areas with higher condensation levels. Both curb mount and deck mount skylights come with extensive warranties, including a full 10-year warranty from Moore Skylights Inc. and a 20-year warranty from VELUX Canada for seal failure.

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A deck mount skylight, commonly utilized for new installations or replacing existing VELUX deck mount skylights, is ideal for enhancing your home's natural light. With a lower profile to the roof, protruding approximately 3.5 inches in height, this type of skylight features a built-in wooden base with the metal frame and glass attached. Expertly installed by Moore Skylights Inc., your trusted Toronto skylight replacement specialist, this skylight is sealed to the roof using premium materials such as fasteners, high-grade ice and water membrane, new surrounding shingles, and a VELUX flashing kit. However, it's essential to note that replacing an old curb mount skylight with a new deck mount skylight may not be feasible due to the interior frame's design, which includes a built-in 1/2 inch drywall channel. Proper installation with drywall or trim blocking is crucial to prevent condensation issues. Trust Moore Skylights Inc. to provide expert installation and guidance for all your skylight replacement needs in Toronto.

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