Why should I choose Moore Skylights over other Companies?


We pride ourselves in being honest. If you only need a repair we won't try to sell you a replacement. We believe a successful company is an honest company that provides their clients with the right information, rather than trying to up sell.


What services does Moore Skylights offer?


- Skylight Repairs

- Skylight Replacements 

- Sun Tunnel Installations 

- Skylight Installations 

- Roof Repair 

- Attic/Loft Conversions

- Cathedral Ceilings  

- Other Home Services...


What is the process when I call for a free estimate?


Moore Skylights will write down your contact information and set up an appointment to come to your residence for a free estimate. You will be presented with a skylight information package and will be given our advice with regards to your exact needs. At the end of the 30 minute consultation you will receive a free estimate. If you wish to move forward with the project, Moore Skylights will repair/replace your skylight(s) at the earliest convenience. If you wish to take time to think things over we will honour your estimate for 30 days.


How do I know if my skylight vs. my roof is leaking?


Generally you will need a skylight specialist to go on your roof and check the surrounding area. Sometimes the leak is due to the way the roofers installed the shingles around the skylight and if the ice and water membrane was installed correctly. Moore Skylights will take pictures while on the roof and show you exactly what the problem is.


Deck Mount Skylights vs. Curb Mount Skylights - What's the difference?


Deck mount units are most often used for new installations or if there is an existing deck mount unit already in place. These units need to be installed on a roof pitch of at least 3/12 and have a lower profile than curb mount skylights. Deck mount units are directly fastened to the roof. Curb mount units are the best units for replacements. They sit on an elevated curb about 5.5 inches in height. This pulls the skylight out of the snow/water, depending on the season. Curb mount units sit directly on top of the curb and are easily replaced.


Do you install Sun Tunnels?


YES! Sun tunnels are excellent way to bring natural light into a house without the costs and time of installing a new skylight. With new skylights, a permit may be required due to the structural aspect. With sun tunnels there is no need for a permit because of the fit between the roof/ceiling rafters or trusses. It generally takes a half day to install a sun tunnel.


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