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Skylight Repair and Replacement Journey:

Guiding You from Initial Call to Final Installation with Moore Skylights Inc.

Our Commitment to Timely Communication and Skylight Education

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When you contact us at Moore Skylights Inc., Toronto's premier skylight repair and replacement specialist, we prioritize prompt communication. Whether you call, email, or text, we'll respond promptly, understanding that addressing a leak swiftly is crucial to preventing further damage. We are committed to educating every client about the various skylight products, costs, and applications available.

At Moore Skylights Inc., we take immense pride in every skylight and sun tunnel job we undertake. Each project is handled with meticulous care, without rushing, to prevent mistakes. We boast the best warranty in the industry and document every job with detailed photographs. Our clients can rest assured that the work performed on their homes matches what they paid for, with no hidden costs. Below are the straightforward steps for getting a replacement, repair, or installation from Moore Skylights Inc.

S. Call | Email | Text : If we're unable to answer your call immediately, leave a detailed message with your address. With your address, we'll use satellite imaging to better understand your roof line and skylight.

K. Know Your Needs: We'll call you back with the information we've gathered and ask a few simple questions to assess your skylight repair or replacement needs accurately.

Y. Your on site Assessment: We'll visit your residence to measure and take pictures of your skylight or SUN TUNNEL project. During this visit, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of the various skylight product options available to you. Additionally, we'll offer insights into the origin of your skylight leak or discuss the potential need for skylight replacement or new installation. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about the best course of action for your skylight needs

L. Quote and Contract: You'll receive a comprehensive quote/contract for your skylight repair or replacement needs. If you choose us as your skylight repair and replacement specialist, we'll order your skylight products right away and provide you with an installation timeline.

I. Installation Confirmation: Before skylight installation, we'll confirm that the weather forecast is suitable for the installation day, prioritizing safety of ourselves and your home above all else.

G. On-Site Installation: The average time on-site is 2-4 hours for your skylight repair or replacement job, depending on the number of units involved. You'll receive a signed contract and photographs documenting the entire skylight repair or replacement process.

H. Site Cleanup: After completing the skylight repair or replacement installation, we'll clean up the work areas, ensuring that all garbage and debris are removed from your Toronto property.

T. Enjoy Your Skylights: Now, you can enjoy your newly repaired or replaced skylights, backed by our commitment to quality and durability for the next 25+ years!

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