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VELUX - Comfort Glass

​As an Installer I recommend using a Velux skylight. Take a look at the energy efficiency of their comfort glass!

Comfort glass consists of tempered safety glass triple-coated with low-E, dual-sealed and injected with Argon gas. This quality glass provides excellent energy efficiency, thermal performance and protects against the sun's fade causing rays. Comfort glass can also be combined with other energy efficient options for even greater performance.

- High energy efficiency results in a more comfortable living environment and money savings on utilities.

- Meets ENERGY STAR approval guidelines for most climatic regions of Canada.

- NFRC rating 40% better than required by most common building codes.

- Provides three times more protection against solar heat gain.

- Resists condensation twice as long as clear glass.

- Protects interior spaces by reflecting the vast majority of the sun's fade causing rays.

Features Comfort glass is Low-E3, argon gas-filled glass designed for maximum energy efficiency.

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