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Skylight Repairs Near Me

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We find most people when they first get a leak in their skylight or roof they are looking for a solution as soon as possible. Example (they type into google... skylight repairs near me.) At Moore Skylights Inc. we recommend taking a little bit of time looking into your installer, reviews posted, and past work. Taking an extra day to pick the proper installer will make sure that this leak doesn't happen in the future. The truth is, most of the work we get is from contractors, roofers, and other so called skylight specialists that repair/replace your skylight only for it to start leaking in the first or second year. I would say 90% of our work is from installer error such as improper installation, installers cutting corners, incorrect ice and water membrane, and poorly installed flashing. Take the extra day and make sure your skylight specialist is actually a skylight specialist.

Contact Moore Skylights Inc. today for your free quote. Take a day, look at our web site, our past work, and what our happy clients have to say.


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