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"Skylight Repair or Replacement: Everything You Need to Know About Skylight Services in Whitby"

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Whitby Skylight Replacement

Generally when first looking at getting a skylight repaired or replaced the first thing people tend to do is go to Google. I do the exact same thing. Once on Google try searching for more direct words... exactly what you'r looking for. If it's a skylight repair don't type in "roofing" or "roof repair" or "leak in skylight". Type in something like "skylight specialist" or "skylight repairs" or "skylight replacement". The last thing you want is someone who doesn't specialize in that field. I don't recommend brick layers to install windows so therefore I don't recommend roofers to install skylights. Secondly, if you live in Whitby type in "Whitby Skylight Specialist" or "Pickering Skylight Repair" or "Skylight Replacement Oshawa". Use a city that is close by not just going for the big one "Toronto". Toronto guys will usually charge more and if you ever need that unit to be serviced someone further away may not come.

Moore Skylights Inc. mostly services the Durham area...Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, and so on. We offer a full 10 year warranty on our work and there is a 20 year warranty on the glass seal from our supplier VELUX. We are a smaller company that treats every job as if it was our only. We take pictures of the entire process and make sure you get a copy. We offer free quotes and by the time we are done you will be educated on skylights and the proper one for your home.

A skylight repair and replacement have the exact same steps except for one, a new skylight. In both scenarios this it what needs to be done. Remove the existing skylight and its surrounding shingles and flashings. Install a new 2x6 curb as required and seal it to the roof with a high grade ice and water membrane. Install new surrounding shingles and a VELUX flashing kit. Finish the interior of the curb white and seal all gaps at the top of the tunnel with spray foam insulation or sealant depending on the gap size. Seal down a new VELUX fixed glass skylight and clean up all garbage and debris. 

If your roofer or repair specialist is just caulking the unit or not following this process then your skylight will most definitely leak in a few months to one years time.

Moore Skylights Inc.



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